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We, “Šakarvos valtinė”, started our kayak rental business in the early spring of 2002. In the beginning, we had just a couple of kayaks, an old truck, but … great enthusiasm, which led us forward.

Year 2017 … During 15 years, we got well familiar with the water tourist area, its peculiarities, gained considerable experience and, of course, obtained an abundance of only quality equipment ranging from capacious, comfortable kayaks with soft seats to stand up paddle boards and certified life jackets. We know what is needed for water tourism, so we offer both rent of campsites, homestead and well-planned and tried out routes. We developed our activities and improved so that we are able to work with any size tourist groups anywhere in Aukštaitija.

Are you ready to travel by water?


  • Single day routes
    • Kiauna
    • Žeimena
    • Buka
    • Ginučiai-Šakarva
    • Lakaja (1-a dalis)
    • Lakaja (2-a dalis)
  • Double day routes
    • Buka-Ginučiai-Šakarva
    • Šakarva-Žeimena-Švenčionėliai
    • Kaltanėnai-Žeimena-Liūlinė
    • Kiauna-Žeimena
    • Aiseta-Kiauna-Žeimena
    • Lakaja
    • Mera-Žeimena

The price of the trip per person
Weekdays and Sundays
Saturdays and public holidays
16-18 EUR/person18-22 EUR/person
Children up to 5-6 years old, sitting in a child seat in the middle of a double kayak, ride for free.
All inventory and all transportation services required for the water trip are included.



  • Preparing for canoeing or choosing a tourist trip, we propose to consider several useful tips:

    • set a specific goal of the trip (e.g., to get familiar with surroundings, nature, to try out one’s powers, to rest, etc.);
    • choose the time and duration of the trip (a weekend, one-day or several days);
    • check the weather forecast (after all, no one wants to spend all days in the rain or shiver from cold);
    • invite fellow travellers (several people or a larger group);
    • create or select a route. At this point, we can help you too: feel free to ask;
    • find out everything about accommodation possibilities (whether it is a private campsite or a farmstead, etc.). We can also help you here;
    • if you have done the said homework, book water inventory in advance;
    • choose a reliable and experienced group leader-captain (we also recommend to appoint a superintendent, cook, fire keeper, photographer, etc.);
    • make sure that you have a first aid kit and protection from rain, mosquitoes, sun (a wrap, creams, candles, sprays, a cap, blister patches, etc.); appropriate clothing and footwear (clothes to change, bathing suit, a warm sweater, personal hygiene products, etc.); group inventory: tents, axes (the most convenient are hunter’s axes weighing 600-700 grams), a small spade, tourist kettles or a bucket and pots (for a two-course lunch and tea we recommend to have 3 dishes), skewers, a ladle, kitchen knife, disposable tablecloth, electric flashlight, several candles, matches, a location map, route scheme, still camera or video camera (in a sealed container), binoculars, a compass, ball.
    • put main and important things into sealed bags or containers;
    • make an estimate of the trip (the journey forth and back, food, equipment rental, transportation, places of interest (e.g., Ginučiai mill), accommodation, incidental expenses).


    Please note that the water tourist must be a good swimmer and paddler.

    Sailing on hot days, e.g., in July, it is best to get up early, sail until noon and to rest and dine at noon – the hottest time of the day. About 4 p.m. the trip can be continued again until early-evening.

    We recommend to sail not more than 8 hours per day. In calm waters (lakes) a light boat can cover about 20 km during 8 hours. In a fast-flowing river, sailing downstream, almost twice as fast and more.

    While sailing, at least two neighbours must be seen from each kayak / boat. Sail in single file, in pairs or groups.


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