The activities started in 2002. early spring. With just a couple of kayaks, old truck and a great enthusiasm began to kayak rental service. During the first year we worked only Highland National Park on summer weekends. Later, with increasing water flow and exchange of tourists vacationing requirements grew, and evolved and Šakarvos VALTINĖ – increased kayak points have evolved their models and technical characteristics, created the need for additional services. During 15 years of work we are familiar with the subtleties of water tourism and characteristics, so we can offer a variety of well-planned and tested, tourism eastern Lithuania. Our valtine located at Žeimenis – the longest Highland Lake National Park. From the park you can travel the lakes and streams joining them, and a few kilometers from the effluent VALTINĖ – Žeimena, which reached Neris. In cooperation with other rental companies that can work with any size group. We constantly invest in their inventory of quality of transport. We offer our guests only the perfect water tourism inventory . All our kayaks soft seats, over 14 years of work to select only the best and talpiausi tourist kayak models use only certified life jackets. Passenger transportation and kayak use 4-5 minibuses.


If you did not find the desired route – call. We will try to find something for you.


For a day For the weekend
One seated (polyethylene) kayak I-V 10€
VI 12€
V,VII 10€
Two seated (frame PVC, plastic, polyethylene) kayak I-V 15 €
VI 20€
V,VII 15€
Three seated (frame PVC, plastic, polyethylene) kayak I-V 17 €
VI 25 €
V,VII 17 €
Four seated (plastic) canoe I-V17 €
VI23 €
Four seated (wooden, plastic) boat I-V 10 €
VI 12 €
V,VII 12€
Water bike (four seated) I-V15 €
VI17 €
V,VII 17 €
Lifejacket nemokamai
Waterproof mobile phone case nemokamai
* -the seat for the tour organizer in the kayak is free (if 5 or more kayaks are booked)
Discounts: for our constant guests, for those that are swimming for 3 and more days, for the larger (15 and more people) groups, for tourism agencies, for organized groups of students, for youth employment program participants, for eco-tour participants.
Sauna on wheels rent (with transport) 30€/h
Negotiable price per day
Homestead rent negotiable
Sauna rent 20€/h
Entertainment, trips on the pontoon ship VIKTORIJA (10 seats) negotiable
Transport (of people, equipment, things) negotiable 0,5-1€/km
Lifeguards 30€
Tour guide service (in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages) negotiable
The organizing, service of trip, tour negotiable

Advice for the tourists

  • When preparing to swim with kayaks or when organising a tourist trip, we suggest you to consider several useful tips:

      • Determine the exact aim for your trip (i.e. to acquaint yourself with the surroundings, nature, to test your strength, etc.).
      • Choose the time and duration of the trip (weekend, holiday, one-day or several days).
      • Inquire about the weather forecast.
      • Invite fellow travellers (a few people or a larger group).
      • Create and choose a route. We can help you here.
      • Find out the info about the lodging place (is it a private campsite, a rural homestead etc.). We can help you here.
      • Book the water equipment in advance
      • Choose a reliable and experienced group leader-captain (also, we recommend choosing a commandant, cook, builder, photographer etc.).
      • First aid kit and protection from rain, mosquitoes, sun (coat, creams, candles, sprays, hat, patch for bladders etc.).
      • Proper attire and wear (clothes for changing, bathing suit, warm sweater, personal hygiene products etc.).
      • Group equipment: tents, axes (the most comfortable ones are for hunting-600- 700 gr.), shovel, pots or buckets and pots (for two course
      • meals and tea we recommend having 3 wares), skewers, ladle, kitchen knife, one use tablecloth, el. flashlight, a few candles, matches, the
      • map of the area, routing scheme, camera or video camera (in an airtight capacity ), binoculars, compass, ball.
      • Please put the fundamental and the most important things into hermetic bags or containers (i.e. mobile phone into a screwed jar).
      • Make the camping estimate (trip forwards and back, food, equipment rent, transport, attractions (i.e. Ginučiai windmill), lodging for the night, unforeseen expenses).

    A water tourist must know how to swim and row well.
    When swimming on hot days, i.e. on July, it is best to rise early, swim until noon, rest and have lunch on noon – the hottest time and continue the tripat 4 PM until late afternoon.

    It is recommended to swim no more than 8 hours a day. In non-rapid waters (lakes), a light boat can swim about 20 km in 8h. In a rapid river, when swimming downstream – almost twice as fast.

    The travel mode itself depends on the ships available, conditions of swimming.

    Sailing is in a way that at least two neighbours are visible from each ship. You can swim in Indian file, pairs or groups.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

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